Nomination forms for the 2016 Winter Election will be available online and at the RSU (SCC 311) at the start of the Nominaton Period.

Nominations OPEN - FEBRUARY 22nd 2016

Nominations CLOSE - FEBRUARY 26th 2016 at 5pm

To complete the nomination process you must submit the Nomination form with the required signatures and your Statement of Eligibility  (found in the Nomination Package) by 5pm at the RSU Main Office (SCC311) on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26 2016.

2016 RSU Nomination Package:

▼ Download


Executive Committee Positions:


Vice-President Education

Vice President Equity

Vice-President Operations

Vice-President Student Life and Events


Faculty Representatives:

Faculty Director


Graduate Representative Committee:


Deputy Chairperson Education

Deputy Chairperson Finance

Deputy Chairperson Student Life and Events


International Student Membership:

International Student Representative



How Do I qualify to be a Nominee?

You must be a current member of the RSU, that is you must be currently enrolled in a full time undergraduate programme or in a full time or part time Graduate Programme at Ryerson University

What are the positions?

The RSU duly elects representative from the membership for the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors and the Graduate Representative Committee. See the section on Positions

How am I nominated for a position?

To be nominated to be a candidate in the upcoming 2016 Winter Election you are required to collect the minimum signatures required for that position according to the RSU By-Laws. You can find the forms online or pick one up at the RSU, SCC 311. Nomination forms and your statement of eligibility are due to the RSU Main Office (SCC311) by 5pm, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26 2016.

  • Executive Positions - 50 signatures from the RSU membership
  • Faculty Representative Positions - 25 signatures from the Faculty membership
  • Graduate Representative Positions - 10 signatures from the Graduate Studies membership

* Membership - refers to all members of the RSU. Members are all full time undergraduate students AND all Full time and Part time Graduate Students.

I am new to this, How do I find out more about the positions?

For more information about Position roles and responsibilites see the RSU Bylaws or Contact the Chief Returing Officer (CRO)

Location: SCC 312   Office Hours Feb 22-26 Wed 1-6pm, Friday 1-6pm


Contact the Chief Returning Officer at for more information


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