Academic Advocacy 

When you want academic advice or need to appeal grades or standing, or findings of academic misconduct, or other issues with the University, the RSU is here to help! The Student Issues and Advocacy Coordinator can guide you through the university’s policies and procedures and works to protect your rights.

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There are many types of appeals/ complaint processes:

Grade: Appeals for particular courses

 Appeals for your overall academic standing at Ryerson

Academic Misconduct: Appeals if your are charged with plagiarism, cheating, etc

Multiple Appeals: There is an order and hierarchy that appeals are dealt with. Filing multiple appeals may sometimes affect the grounds for other appeals.

Other Appeals/Complaints:

Course Removal: For retroactively removing yourself from a course

Late Drop: For removing yourself from a course after the drop date

Fee Dispute: For reimbursement of fees under certain circumstances

Missed Assignment, Test and Exam

Instructor/Course Complaint

Access the RSU Student Issues and Advocacy Coordinator for assistance at ANY level of your appeal. 

Contact: Student Issues & Advocacy Coordinator | | 416-979-5255 ext. 2322