Faculty of Arts Candidates

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For the Students

Hello Everyone ! My name is Sarah Ahmed and I am currently a second-year Philosophy Student minoring in Human Resources Management. I am passionate about leadership and since my first year at Ryerson have joined various leadership programs such as the Arts Ambassador Program, Philosophy Course Union, Career Boost Program and many more. I understand in how much of an uncertain and confusing time we are currently living in and with that accountability, trust and support are needed the most for students. I hope to foster good relationships with Arts Students and connecting them with varies opportunities to support Arts students in every field I can. Further, I am making it a priority to be transparent about everything with students, to run for the students and therefore representing their needs and ideas to the RSU. To see my team and it's full campaign, visit forthestudentsRU.ca or on Instagram and Facebook at @ForTheStudentsRU

For the Students

Hey! My name is Sharif Van Uum, and I am in my 3rd year of Arts and Contemporary Studies at Ryerson University, and I am running for the Faculty Director for the Faculty of Arts in the Ryerson Students Union. My pronouns are he/him. I am running alongside the team called For the Students, and we as a team are planning to stop wasting money, be transparent and accountable, and to bring more students into the RSU. Within the Faculty of Arts, we are planning to push for more diverse courses and readings, host more engaging events and provide students with new opportunities and work closely with RLAS and course unions to support student life for Arts students. To see my team and I’s full campaign, visit forthestudentsRU.ca or on Instagram and Facebook at @ForTheStudentsRU!


Hafsa is a first-year Sociology student with an Occupational Health and Safety minor. She is passionate about equality and accessibility for students at Ryerson University. Over their three years at Ryerson, she has worked with Student Life during Ryerson Orientation, the Tri-Mentoring program, and the Consent Comes First Initiative. If elected, Hafsa looks forward to building a campus environment that is accessible and accepting to all as it is the well-being of students and their ability to learn while having a positive and safe experience that is of utmost importance. Hafsa's involvement with student groups, governance, and communication skills make her a great candidate for the Ryerson Students Union Board of Directors.


Areej is a fourth-year Sociology student at Ryerson. Throughout her four years at Ryerson, Areej has worked at Student Life and Learning Support and as an Academic Accommodation Note-Taker. Currently, she works as a Sociology Statistics Peer Mentor and deals with students and assists with their inquiries. This combination of experiences allows her to be an expert at interpersonal communication, fostering student engagement, problem-solving and providing solutions, and most importantly, understanding the needs of Ryerson students. Areej is excited about the prospect of being a Faculty Director and believes she has the ability to represent the individual interests of students in the Arts and voice their faculty-specific issues/concerns to the larger board. Areej’s new perspectives, work experience and ability to foster productive communication make her ideal for Arts director.