Board Members 2016-2017

RSU Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Obaid Ullah
Harman Singh
Victoria Morton
Tamara Jones
Neal Muthreja

Faculty of Arts Directors

Daniel Lis
Marzia Riaz
Angelo Robb

Faculty of Business Management Directors

Sandra Bahoua
Anthony Esguerra
Nav Marwah
Nasrudin Mumin
Michelle Park

Faculty of Communications and Design Directors

Katii Capern 
Eleanor Chan
Kelly Kitagawa
William Fraser

Faculty of Community Services

Abisola Asha
Michael Friedman
Dahab Ibrahim
Chrys Saget-Richard
Anna Stevenson

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Directors

Michael Foppiano
Ruken Dilsha Izol
Naveed Khan
Monica Kwong

Faculty of Science Director

Maryam Golbazi
Robinder Jangi

At Large Representative Directors

Course Union Director
Betty Wang

Campus Groups Director
Louli Jadov 

Senate Director
Amar Latchman 

Graduate Representative Directors

Carolyn Qin                 
Issuru Weerasekra       


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