Board Members 2017-2018

RSU Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Susanne Nyaga
Daniel Lis
Camryn Harlick
Ali Yousaf
Lauren Emberson

Faculty of Arts Directors

Adam Asmar
Claire Davis
Andrew Hight                                                                        
Gabby Skwarko

Faculty of Ted Rogers School Of Management Directors

Kianoush Alizadeh
Mathew Catangui
Shiri Gawrielman
Savreen Gosal
Nick Katrantzidis
Maria Lionti
Nick Nguyen

Faculty of Communications and Design Directors

Asia Aoki
Franci Dimitrovska
Serena Kwok
Robyn Matuto
Hollie Olenik

Faculty of Community Services

Elizabeth Bala
Johannah Brown
Chelsea Davenport
Ricky Huang
Maryan Issa

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Directors

Sarah Bailey
Youssef Helmy
Reza Khonsari
Sameer Naumani
Obaid Ullah 

Faculty of Science Director

Lola Faseyi
Nathan Fernandes
Michael Knutson


At Large Representative Directors

Board of Governors Representative
Neal Mutherja

Course Union Representative
Salman Faruqi

International Students Representative
Sohaib Hassan

Residence Representative
Sophie Lafleur

Senate Representative
Razi Syed

Student Groups Representative
Harman Singh


Graduate Representative Directors

Bhutila Karpoche         
Ammar Akhtar            


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