Board Members 2019-2020

RSU Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Vanessa Henry
Kwaku Agyemang
Naja Pereira
Victoria Anderson-Gardner
Augustine Onuh
Joshua Wiggins

Faculty of Arts Directors

Vinessa-Marie Hardy
Maxwell Irwin
Raquel Margulies
Chris Randall

Faculty of Communications and Design Directors

Jaden Burton
Kristoff Edwards
Hung Le
Hollie Olenik
Rachel Struthers

Faculty of Community Services

Haymattie Beer
Zaynah Dhalla
Gyvenska Mathurin
Natalie Morrison
Umer Qureshi

Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science Directors

Farooq Arshad
Flemin Francis
Taha Hashemi
Maryam Marei
Gunj Patel

Faculty of Science Directors

Mathew Mozaffari
Will Murray
Melanie Tryhub

Faculty of Ted Rogers School Of Management Directors

Matthew Fernandes
James Hassos
Anasofia Heilbron
Brandon Hughes
Milad Moghaddas
Nicole Petroff
Tania Rasie

At Large Representative Directors

Board of Governors Representative

Course Union Representative
Karolina Surowiec

First Year Representative

International Students Representative
Melissa Salamo

Residence Representative

Senate Representative

Student Groups Representative
James Fotak

Graduate Representative Directors