Changing Your Status

If your current comparable coverage used to waive the student plan(s) terminates, you have 30 days from loss of coverage to notify the Members' Health and Dental Plan office in order to be covered under the health and/or dental plan(s). You must provide payment of the fee as well as a written copy of notice of termination from either employer or insurance company. We will pro-rate the amount according to the remaining months of the benefit year, you can pay by cash or debit.  A letter from employer or insurance company stating the date you were terminated off this other plan must be submitted and you need to complete a OPT IN form at our office.

If comparable coverage for your family terminates, you may apply to have your dependents covered under the health plan. It is your responsibility to apply for benefits. Please see the Members' Health and Dental Plan Administrator for further details.

Any questions or inquiries please contact:

Dawn Murray, RSU’s Health & Dental Plan Administrator
Or call: 416-979-5255 x2311

Drop by the Member Services Office, Student Centre Lobby, to pick up materials for your Green Shield insurance coverage or visit our site at  either Or


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