Commercialisation of Research


"Public post-secondary institutions are responsible for delivering both high-quality education and research in the public interest. This responsibility requires the right for academic researchers to exercise independent inquiry that is free of influence or restrictions from both the government and private industry." Public Risk, Private Gain



Ethical Funding

Over the past half century, the federal government saw the benefit in investing in research and development projects for the public good. Research funding bodies were created to help facilitate and provide grants that are for the public good. However, due to chronic underfunding many of these funding bodies have encouraged and required projects to seek private funds to assist initiatives. As a result, many researchers must now spend substantial amounts of time seeking research funds, tailoring research goals and objectives, and appealing to for-profit bodies. Essentially, this means making research marketable and for the private gain, rather than the public good.

However, research receiving public dollars should in essence aim to foster academic growth, shared knowledge and seek to uphold standards of truth-seeking and academic integrity.