The Ryerson Students’ Union maintains 7 commissioners and 23 committees throughout the academic term, all of which are internally elected from the Board of Directors. The committee and commissioner positions promote cohesiveness throughout the RSU by encouraging transparent communication on student issues across campus. 

If you are interested in getting involved in a committee listed above, please email and we will be happy to find a way for you to have your voice heard within the RSU! 

By-Laws Committee

Director: Will Fraser
Director: Yuli Jadov

Bursary Committee

Director: Anthony Esguerra
Director: Eleanor Chan

Course Unions Committee

Commissioner: Amar Latchman
Director: Kelly Kitagawa

Equity and Social Justice Committee 

Commissioner: Kelly Kitagawa

Events and Entertainment Committee

Commissioner: Sandra Bahoua

Finance Committee

Director: Ali Yousaf
Director: Monica Kwong

Student Group Committee

Director: Yuli Jadov

Student Centre Committee

Commissioner: Amar Latchman

Student Action Committee

Commissioner: Daniel Lis

Sustainabilty Committee

Commissioner: Katii Capern

Sports and Athletics Committee

Commissioner: Abisola Asha

Radio Ryerson Committee

Director: Obaid Ullah

Apparel Committee

Director: Nav Marwah
Director: Eleanor Kuan
Director: Maryam Golbazi
Director: Michael Friedman

P-Facs Committee

Director: Anthony Esguerra