Faculty of Communication & Design Candidates

3 Positions

For the Students

Hey there, my name is Sonia Bragança and I’m running with For the Students to be your next FCAD director on the RSU! If elected, my team and I would make it easier to get in touch with us, be more involved with FCAD Course Unions and set up a resources that you can turn to for FCAD-specific learning materials. I hope you vote for me to be your next FCAD director!

To see my team and I’s full campaign, visit forthestudentsRU.ca or on Instagram and Facebook at @ForTheStudentsRU

For the Students

Hello! I’m Olivia McLeod, a fellow Ryersonian who is running to be your next FCAD Director. I am in Fashion Design at FCAD, which has been my dream program since middle school. My other passions lie in history, the arts, and working with people; these interests allow me to learn about and experience the connections between people and their work. Dedication, insight, creativity, and teamwork combine to make a great product, and I do my work based on these four elements. The issues that we are seeing around us require open minds and thorough research, meaning increased conversation and clear communication of ideas and solutions. I am running to be an FCAD Director because I want to improve communication between our faculty and the Ryerson Students’ Union, and create solutions to problems internal and external to the Union to make it a transparent and reliable organization. The RSU has the potential to be the backbone of the Ryerson community. I hope to work with my team to enhance the resources the RSU offers and use the unique position it has to be the best voice we can be for the students.

For the Students

Hey! My name is Mercedes Gaztambide and I’m running with For The Students to be your FCAD director for the upcoming term.

As a third-year journalism student, I am passionate about campus involvement and improving the wellbeing of FCAD students– this year, and well after my time on campus ends. If elected, my team and I will emphasize communication between FCAD students and the RSU, involvement with FCAD course unions, and accessible resources and learning materials for all FCAD students.

A vote For The Students is a vote towards a more accessible and transparent student union! For a full breakdown of our campaign, please visit forthestudentsRU.ca or on Instagram and Facebook at @ForTheStudentsRU.


Priyanshi is a third Graphic Communications Management student who is currently concentrating in Leadership. Priyanshi aims to create a more inclusive and diverse presence within the Faculty of Communication and Design by encouraging students' voices to be heard. During her time at Ryerson, she has raised awareness upon many political standpoints, has been part of research teams, and has encouraged the implementation of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Priyanshi's passion for creating a better tomorrow and her commitment to helping students will be a great addition to the FCAD Community if she is elected as the Director of FCAD. As a hard-working individual, Priyanshi is very excited to bring forth great opportunities for students at Ryerson.


Bilqis is a third-year Graphic Communications Management student pursuing a minor in Psychology. She is enthusiastic about representing the Faculty of Communication & Design on the Board of Directors and wants to make student voices heard. She has experience working in student organizations like in GCM's Colloquium Team as Vice President of Corporate Relations and in Ryerson's MSA as a graphic designer. As the VP of Corporate Relations for Colloquium, she brought out panellists and speakers for the conference and helped students build new connections. She's interested in fulfilling student's wants as needs again, this time as a Director and representative of you on the Board. She has many ideas for working on initiatives that can improve your university experience as a Ryerson student. If elected, she will make communication channels more accessible to students to ensure their needs are met. Bilqis aims at providing more resources to FCAD, directed towards improving co-op and internship opportunities for the student body.


Essha is a third-year Graphic Communications Management student at Ryerson University. During her time at Ryerson, she has actively participated in the FCAD community through her previous position as a Marketing and Events Associate for RyeTaga and currently as a Brand Ambassador for FCAD as a participant in a data visualization research project. Essha is looking forward to taking the next step in her community involvement by running for Director of FCAD to create an even more significant impact in the FCAD community. By representing the student body, she will proactively and honestly voice our students' opinions and needs by consulting with FCAD students firsthand and effectively communicating them to the Board. If elected, she'd like to take an active role in employing students for portfolio-building opportunities through creating content for FCAD events, along with holding a fun and exciting FCAD student event upon returning to campus. Essha's experience in academic research, collaborative leadership style, and volunteering will aid her in creating effective and viable solutions for FCAD students in the role of Director of FCAD.