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Victoria Anderson-Gardner is a third-year Film Studies student and is prepared to be your Director for the Faculty of Communication and Design. She organized the Mni Wiconi: Mitakuyelo event with Indigenous youth that took place in November 2017 at the SLC. She believes that it's important to share stories and allow the voices of the marginalized to be heard. She's hoping to create a voice for those that are unable to in order to encourage Indigenous resilience and resurgence through the process of decolonization. Victoria is always ready and willing to make time to listen to you and your concerns. Decolonization requires praxis, "reflection and action upon the world in order to transform it." Meaning we turn from subjugated human beings into liberated human beings. This goal begins with our minds, followed by our voices and then action. Vote VICTORIA ANDERSON-GARDNER and vote ELEVATE!


Rhino Party


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Samantha Chung is a third-year Graphic Communications Management student running to be one of the Faculty of Communication and Design’s Directors. She is the President of the Graphic Communications Management Course Union, Creative Associate on RyeTAGA, and a general member of Xplor Ryerson. Samantha is an active member of the Ryerson community, supporting the students within FCAD by providing available resources, advocating for awareness of mental health and well-being, and listening to individual and collective needs. As a student with endeavours in the creative field, she understands that resources are abundant, but are not always accessible to the students who need them. It is important that students are provided with support - emotionally, mentally, and physically - and she hopes to bring awareness and push for what the students need. Vote SAMANTHA CHUNG and vote to ELEVATE RYERSON!










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Hollie Olenik is a third year film student running for re-election to be on the Board of Directors for FCAD. This past year, Hollie has represented FCAD students at the RSU and focused on expanding mental wellness services, incorporating equity practices within events and campaigns, and establishing a campus-wide RSU survey. Hollie is the past VP of Equity for the Image Arts Course Union, where she worked to ensure that IMA has all of the proper equity resources it needs. She has also volunteered with RyePRIDE and the RSU Equity Centers. She wants to further her work by ensuring that all of FCAD is accessible and equitable. She is a passionate intersectional feminist and is a proud advocate for equity issues including mental health, LGBTQ+ issues, gender equity, and diversity in all aspects. On February 12, 13 and 14 vote HOLLIE OLENIK and vote ELEVATE!

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Laura Papworth is a third year Fashion Communications student with a passion for aesthetics and equity. When Laura isn't making pompom earrings she's staying up to date on RSU board meetings and events, as well as checking out the Equity Service Centres. Laura wants to work with her fellow FCAD directors to subsidize program supplies and software as well bring style to RSU swag - after all Ryerson students have the best style. Laura believes equity and inclusion should be at the front of all student movements and can assure you she will bring that mindset to the RSU decision-making table. Remember to vote for LAURA PAPWORTH and ELEVATE on February 13th, 14th and 15th. Let's put FCAD students on the map.

Claudia Pawlak photo


Claudia Pawlak is a third year Photography student who would love to end her final year at Ryerson acting as an FCAD Board Director. Ever since first year, she has always been involved in something - whether it be RyePhoto, RU StreetStyle, Ryerson Athletics, or the Image Arts Course Union, she is always looking to spend her time working creatively with other students. As President of the Image Arts Course Union, she continues to help foster a more welcoming environment in IMA. Whether this be through shows, educational events, campaigns, or just karaoke nights, she's here for all of it. CLAUDIA PAWLAK is hear to be your representative and ELEVATE your voice in the RSU.



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