Faculty of Community Services Candidates

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Elizabeth Bala


Elizabeth is a social work student and running for Team Elevate to be a Board Member for the Faculty of Community Service. She intends to engage with and advocate for students within the faculty, should she be elected. In the past Elizabeth has been a note taker in some of her courses, and is generally an enthusiastic learner. She values the knowledge, wisdom, and lived experiences of her peers. She is passionate about Elevate’s platform and hopes to form a web of communication that allows students’ voices to be amplified in the RSU. On February 6, 7 and 8, VOTE Elizabeth Bala and all of TEAM ELEVATE! voteelevate.ca


Johannah Brown


Johannah Brown is a third year student in Social Work. She takes a variety of courses in order to challenge herself to learn from her professors and her peers. During her time at Ryerson, Johannah has volunteered as a note taker for her fellow students, and she values the opportunities other students have given her to participate in social justice events and protests. Johannah wants to work towards making the faculty of community services more equitable for students. She wants to advocate for more “hands on” learning, alternate assignments and tests for those who learn and communicate in different ways, and for student placements and practicums that are paid. On February 6, 7 and 8, VOTE Johannah Brown and all of TEAM ELEVATE! voteelevate.ca

Chelsea Davenport


As a second year Social Work student who has a strong background of volunteer work in the advancement of human rights, especially in the Developing World, I believe in working collectively in order to achieve greater equity. Being your FCS Director is a chance for me to lobby for a more equitable campus that engages in impactful conversations around anti-racism, anti-islamophobia, anti-homophobic, and anti-sexist. Transparency is a key value that I hold and I will work with students to ensure that their concerns are addressed and dealt with. In the next year, my team and I will also aim to work towards better compensation for those working on and off campus, as well as increasing FCS intergroup collaboration through program events.








Maryan Issa


Maryan Issa is a nursing student in the Faculty of Community Services. She hopes to work in community or not-for-profit sector because she is very passionate about working on issues/projects that speak to social, community and justice especially in vulnerable populations. Maryan has experience providing front-line service for students on campus and getting to know the different departments and services that are available and not available for students. Maryan would like to focus on creating more professional development opportunities for students and increasing access for existing services for mental health, counselling, educational and career help. On February 6, 7 and 8, VOTE Maryan Issa and all of TEAM ELEVATE! voteelevate.ca

Jason King



Jason King is the Founder of Think possible by Jason King a Series of Motivational Workshops. He has worked with numerous agencies within the North York and Black Creek community. Such as, ANIDA, All Nations International development Agency, Doorsteps neighbourhood services, FCJ Refugee Centre, The City of Toronto and City Mississauga with youth and legal services. He Currently Serves as the Communications Executive for the Social Work Students Unions (SWSU). Recently he received the Jeff Edmunds award for his dedication to the Social Work program and community initiative. Jason brings not only experience, talent and hard work, but amazing ideas to the RSU team; and hope to transform the Faculty of Community Service through. Building workshops, improving resources to find employment and bringing awareness to Mental health issues. Vote Ohanna2017.ca.

Josh Lamers


Josh Lamers is a third year Social Work student, and has been very engaged on campus and in Toronto’s community. Josh is part of the Ryerson Social Work Student Union and the Black Liberation Collective, two capacities that Josh uses to address equity, diversity, and inclusion, as well as general student life. Josh mirrors this same commitment by being involved in various Toronto community organizations. Josh’s goal is to see change on campus so students are getting the absolute most out of their programs, as well as feeling included and a part of Ryerson. On February 6, 7 and 8, VOTE Josh Lamers and all of TEAM ELEVATE! voteelevate.ca













Chrys Saget-Richard


Chrys Saget-Richard is a 3rd year Social Work student at Ryerson. Since their first year they have done a lot of anti-racism and anti-Black racism work, Queer and  Trans activism and education work on campus and in Toronto. As a Coordinator at 3 RSU Equity Service Centres, Chrys has organized many events to raise awareness around social inequalities as well as support the building of community safer spaces. They currently serve on the RSU board as a Director for Community Services. If re-elected Chrys would like to take equity conversations from the Faculty to the Ryerson community, create more networking opportunities for Comm. Serv. students and support program specific student initiatives. On February 6, 7 and 8, VOTE Chrys Saget-Richard and all of TEAM ELEVATE! voteelevate.ca

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