Faculty of Community Services Candidates

3 Positions

For the Students

Daniel Barkin uses he/him pronouns, and is currently a second year Urban and Regional Planning student in the Faculty of Community Services. My interests include painting murals, planning events, graphic design, fashion, exploring places, and going to local cafès. I hope to accomplish during my time on the RSU more student engagement within FCS, transparency on all fronts, and additionally more service oriented supports in place for students to use regularly.

For the Students

Hi, my name is Oren Jungreis! I am a second year Social Work student and a recent graduate of the Community Worker program at George Brown College. I am running to be a Director for the Faculty of Community Services with For the Students to ensure that the Ryerson Student Union represents and champions the needs and wants of the student body.

Throughout my time at Ryerson, I have experienced the lack of support for students. From unreasonable late assignment policies, to overpriced textbooks, to endless bureaucracy, it needs to change. The RSU should advocate for students and make sure that their needs are being met. For the Students is committed to transforming the RSU and making sure it does so. Through building avenues for more communication and transparency between the student body and the RSU, advocating for more easily accessible mental health services, and pushing for a better support system for students who are parents or caregivers, we will transform the RSU into one that cares about the students.

To see my team and I’s full campaign, visit forthestudentsRU.ca or on Instagram and Facebook at @ForTheStudentsRU.

For the Students

Hi! My name is Dusty Luck, and I am running to be one of your Faculty Directors of Community Services. Like all of you, I’m not cool with the lack of communication and transparency happening right now. I want an RSU that listens and fights for us. This year, I'm running with For The Students because I know that the executives are willing to stand up to the university and will actually prioritize fostering a healthy relationship between directors and executives.

As a Social Work student going into my placement next year, I'm not happy that placements will be online again in the fall. Why should we be paying full tuition for unpaid field experience over Zoom? With this team, I want to challenge the university to either pay us for our placement labour or deduct it from our tuition. Students already working other jobs to pay their way through school should be compensated for their labour, and we can’t pay our bills with experience.

I’m committed to fighting for our rights as students and making sure that the RSU is as transparent as possible. To see our team’s full campaign, visit forthestudentsRU.ca or on Instagram and Facebook at @ForTheStudentsRU.


Sabrina is a fourth-year Early Childhood Studies student. She is passionate about working to improve the RSU's diversity and inclusion. She has many ideas for working on initiatives that can improve the university experience as a Ryerson student. Programs in the Community Service faculty are dedicated to caring for the Ryerson Community. She believes FCS students are underrated and not spoken about or recognized by the Ryerson community. As someone very passionate about her field of study, she believes that FCS's inclusion can genuinely make a change in Ryerson. She has had a successful term this past semester as a director; however, due to the pandemic, she missed out on many opportunities that she plans on hoping to do this year.


Parneet is a first-year Nursing student at Ryerson. As a new university student, Parneet is excited to incorporate her vast experience of a diverse volunteering background with former experiences in running for and advocacy in small-scale student elections to be a fresh voice as a faculty director. She holds a strong understanding of communicating with student unions, collaborating with students to voice their opinions, and promoting safe school environments from her former 2-year experiences as a Minister of Equity and Student Senator in high school. The university's online beginning has challenged many students like Parneet with navigating and exploring new environments without the same support that was always readily available. This new endeavour has made her committed to addressing students' concerns in effective manners and providing more accessible resources to all students in need of them. Parneet is passionate about helping students navigate new systems. Whether it be their first year or last year at Ryerson, she is driven to create a supportive and safe community that promotes student success and recreation. Parneet's new perspectives, passion for advocacy, and ability to foster productive communication make her ideal for FCS director.


Joel is a 3rd-year student who returned from his work term in British Columbia. He is very passionate about being part of the health care sector. His previous work experience with the Ministry of Health had advanced his knowledge and criteria for serving a faculty consisting of the brightest aspiring health care professionals. Through his two years at Ryerson, he had been actively part of union initiatives and participated in student life campaigns. Joel believes the department faces many challenges with online courses due to this global pandemic. He is willing to take steps towards bringing back the option to CRD faculty-wide courses to ease the mental stress that our students are facing with a heavy course load. Overcoming systemic racism and progressing towards a safe and inclusive campus is also part of Joel's political agenda. He is looking forward to collaborating with his executive team and the Board of Governors to scrutinize policies to achieve common grounds with the student body. Lastly, Joel's government focuses on transparency and accountability within the RSU. This can be achieved by auditing financial transactions and a planned allocation of funds to meet the needs for FCS initiatives. He also believes in strong communication through budget reports and by inviting campus media groups to publish governmental affairs with the public.