Election 2018

Vote February 13, 14 ,15

The Ryerson Students' Union (RSU) is a membership driven, not for profit organisation that duly elects student representatives for the Executive Committee, Graduate Representative Committee and Representatives for the RSU Board of Directors. The general Election is held during the Winter semester and a By Election is held each Fall for unfilled positions. 

Vote ONLINE on a personal device or at one of the many polling stations on campus

Online - my.ryerson.ca

or at Polling Stations
Hours - Tuesday & Wednesday 10am-5pm, Thursday 10am-4pm


Full List of Position details can be found in the Nomination Package and RSU Bylaws.

A. Executive Committee
The Executive Committee oversees the day to day operations of the RSU. The Committee is responsible for carrying out the directives of the membership and creating meaningful student services and resources to improve student life and support students on and off campus. The Executive Committee represents Ryerson Students on campus, provincially and federally to protect the rights of students.  

  1. President (1)
  2. Vice President Education (1)
  3. Vice President Equity (1)
  4. Vice President Operations (1)
  5. Vice President Student Life (1)

B. Board of Directors - Faculty Representatives and Number of positions
The RSU Board of Directors manage the affairs of the RSU. Representative are elected from each faculty. The Board of Directors maintain committees to carry out the functions of the RSU and participate on an ongoing basis with membership engagement and concentrate on issues facing the Faculties.

  1. Arts (4)
  2. Community Services (5)
  3. Communications and Design (5)
  4. Engineering and Architectural Science (4)
  5. Science (2)
  6. Ted Rogers School of Management (6) 

C. Graduate Representative Committee
The Graduate Representative Committee represents the specific needs of Graduate Students and manage the Graduate Representative Council. Two (2) members of this committee sit on the Board of Directors.

  1. Chairperson (1)
  2. Deputy Chairperson Education (1)
  3. Deputy Chairperson Finance (1)
  4. Deputy Chairperson Student Life and Events (1)

D. Other Representatives
International Student Representative (1) 


Positons are open to all RSU Members - All Full time Undergraduate Students and all Graduate Students

  1. Executive Committee - Open to All current full time undergraduate students  AND all full time and part time graduate students.
  2. Faculty Representatives - Open to All current full time undergraduate students.
  3. Graduate Representative Committee - Open to All Full Time and Part Time Graduate Students.
  4. International Student Representative - Opent to All current full time undergraduate students AND all full time and part time graduate students registered as an international student.


OPEN - January 22, 2018
CLOSE - January 26, 2018 at 5pm

Nomination Process
Nominees are required to get nomination signatures from the RSU membership to become a successful Candidate. 

  1. Executive Committee Positions - 50 signatures
  2. Faculty Representative Positions - 25 signatures
  3. Graduate Representative Committee Positions - 10 Signatures
  4. International Student Representative - 30 Signatures

Nomination package and forms: 
Visit us at the RSU Main Office, SCC311, Student Centre
OR download them here:

All Candidates Meeting

Date: TBA
Location: TBA
Time: TBA


Join us for the Executive Committee Candidates Debate 
Date and location coming soon!


OPEN - February 1, 2018
CLOSE - February 15, 2018

Get Involved

Election Appeals Committee
The Election Appeals Committee is a volunteer committee made up of students that review appeals of the decisions of the Chief Returning Officer pertaining to candidates. This is an important committee that ensures that the election process is transparent and democratic. To apply contact the Chief Returning Officer at cro@rsuonline.ca 

Passionate about student elections? Help us get the word out! The RSU is looking for volunteers to join our street team to promote the election and raise voter turnout. To volunteer contact cro@rsuonline.ca

Poll Clerks
To apply email jobs@rsuonline.ca


Chief Returning Officer | cro@rsuonline.ca | SCC313 | 416.979.5255 x 2169 | Office Hours - Coming Soon