Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science Candidates

3 Positions

For the Students

Hi everyone! My name is Kelvin Hoang and I'm currently an architectural science student in the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS). To name a few, my interests include building design, sustainability, photography, visual arts, and hiking. When I’m not in the architecture building (which will be almost 24/7), you can find me bouncing around good food spots downtown. At the RSU, I hope to form lasting connections with the student body and encourage full transparency. To elaborate, my team and I are working towards better policies for student mental health, fair academic policies, and ways to connect engineering and architecture students. To see my team and I’s full campaign, visit forthestudentsRU.ca or on Instagram and Facebook at @ForTheStudentsRU

For the Students

Hi! My name is Cassidy (she/her) and I am a third-year Biomedical Engineering Student running to be a Faculty Representative for the FEAS. As an Academic Link in Ryerson’s residence community, I hear about concerns directly from many FEAS students and enjoy supporting them through the challenges they face. Through my involvement in residence and student groups, including Ryerson Medlife and the Ryerson Urban Farm, I know that many students face similar challenges and that gaps in support and policies often exacerbate the issues we face.

I want the RSU to be an integral part of student support that all students can turn to for help. I believe nobody should have to sacrifice their health for the sake of learning and that we can all have more successful, enjoyable learning experiences through improved communication with the Faculty and student groups, as well as student involvement in the RSU. If elected, I hope to amplify student voices and push for changes that are more conducive to supporting student wellbeing, embracing diversity, and fostering a supportive network within our faculty. To see my team and I’s full campaign, visit forthestudentsRU.ca or on Instagram and Facebook at @ForTheStudentsRU.

For the Students

Hello! My name is Michaela Joseph (she/her) and I’m running for Faculty Director for the FEAS with my team, For The Students. I’m in my third year of Mechanical Engineering, specifically Mechatronics, and for the last three years I’ve been heavily involved in Residence Life, and also served on the executive teams of a former Oakham Society and Ryerson’s EngPlay.

Through my involvement in these groups, and during my time at Ryerson, I see the challenges that students face on a regular basis, and even more so in a pandemic setting. My goal as FEAS Director is to ensure that students have access to the world of support and resources available to them. I believe that the RSU is nothing without its students, and if elected, I promise to listen to feedback from you, and use my position to advocate wholly for your needs as students. I not only hope to push for changes that benefit student wellbeing, and improve the student experience, but will also ensure that the RSU delivers on the promises it makes, and is held accountable.

To see my team and I’s full campaign, visit forthestudentsRU.ca or on Instagram and Facebook at @ForTheStudentsRU


Umar is a second-year Civil Engineering student determined to implement transparent and accountable government at the RSU. Umar is a board of director in the current year of RSU and has strived to put the student body and its interests at the heart of all the discussions, decisions and actions he has undertaken as a representative of the students. In the current term, in his capacity as a member of the RSU bursary committee, he has put an abundance of tireless hours into the covid-19 relief grant, carefully going through and equally considering every application, together with the committee members. Umar also played a crucial role in setting up a mental health grant for RSU members and took into account key feedback on the first grant to make the application process shorter and smoother. Umar’s experience in academic research and governance skills make him a great candidate for the Ryerson student union Board of Directors


Salar is a second-year Civil Engineering student. He is a current board of director at RSU and is part of the finance committee and oversight committee. He has many ideas for working on initiatives that can improve the university experience as a Ryerson student. If elected, he will make communication channels more accessible to students to ensure their needs are met. Salar aims at providing more resources to FEAS, directed towards improving co-op and internship opportunities for the student body. As a hard-working individual, Salar is very excited to bring forth great opportunities for students at Ryerson. Salar’s experience in academic research and finance make him a great candidate for the Ryerson student union Board of Directors.


Muhammad Maaz is a second-year Mechatronics Engineering student who is self-driven and passionate about robotics and machine learning. Throughout the time at Ryerson, Maaz has had extensive engagement around campus in various student groups in the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Sciences. He is the Academic Director in the Mechanical Engineering Course Union and Social Media Director of the National Society of Black Engineers. Maaz believes 99% of the engineering happens outside the classroom by being involved in extracurricular activities. This year Maaz is one of the Peer Advisors for the Peet Network Program, a program designed to help FEAS students overcome challenges and identify their long-term and short-term goals. Maaz has always aimed to provide a welcoming experience during advising sessions and hence, looks forward to building a safe space in RSU for students to have a sense of ownership. Maaz’s experience in academic research and involvement with students will make him a great candidate for the Ryerson student union Board of Directors.