Equity & Social Justice Committee

This committee works on campaigns and initiatives regarding equity, social justice, and anti-oppression. It works to raise awareness and fight discrimination while building campus inclusivity. The committee organizes events like the DisOrientation and Celebrating Women’s Voices, and campaigns and initiatives that fight racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, poverty, homelessness, occupation, war, and other local and global issues. If you have a passion for equity and social justice, then this is the committee for you!

The Equity & Social Justice Committee meets regularly and is open to all RSU members. The committee functions in a variety of ways and has taken action to create innovative campaigns and actions on campus. Come out for a meeting or more and let’s continue achieving our goal towards a more sustainable campus.

The RSU also has six Equity Service Centres: The Centre for Women & Trans People, Good Food Centre, Racialised Students’ Collective, RyeACCESS, RyePRIDE and Trans Collective. These centres serve as a space for students from different marginalized backgrounds to come together and organize equity and social justice initiatives, events, and campaigns. The Equity Service Centres each have their own office on the second floor of the Student Centre, so drop by and get involved!

For more info or to get involved, sign up for the Equity and Social Justice Committee Listsev:
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vp.equity@rsuonline.ca | 416-979-5255 x 2314