You can find a full listing of our events on our Tumblr Page.

Building Consent Culture

The Centre for Women & Trans People hosts a number of workshops on how to build consent culture. Get involved with the Collective Meetings or Sexual Assault Survivor Support Line to help shape them or check out our Tumblr Page to find our schedule of events.

Collective Meetings

The Centre for Women & Trans People hosts regular collective meetings for members to help shape and direct the work of the collective. Collective meetings are open to all women and trans-identified students. Find the schedule on the Centre's Tumblr Page

I'm A Survivor Peer Support Group

The Centre for Women & Trans People hosts monthly peer support groups with the Office of Sexual Violence Education & Prevention. Find the schedule on the Centre's Tumblr Page.

Racialised & Indigenous Women's Symposium

The Racialised and Indigenous Women’s Symposium is an annual event hosted by the Centre for Women and Trans people in collaboration with the Racialised Students’ Collective. It is a space for Indigenous and Racialised women to share their experiences and provide a safer space for unpacking the many oppressions that Racialised and indigenous women and trans folks face. Find out more on our facebook page or email us at

Celebrating Women's Voices

Held during the month of March, Celebrating Women's Voices is an annual event that brings a guest speaker, poet, artist, performer, etc. We celebrate their voice, we celebrate women's voices. Find out more on our facebook page or email us at

International Women's Day - Toronto

Held on the first Saturday of March, International Women's Day brings women and trans people from across the Greater Toronto Area to call for more women-friendly policies, laws, services and attitudes. Find out more at

After the annual march, the Centre for Women & Trans People hosts a community fair at the Ryerson Student Centre. To have a table, email

Event Accessibility

The Ryerson Students’ Union strives to create accessible and inclusive spaces for all of its members. If we require additional accommodations to ensure your participation please email two days before the event or as soon as possible.


Contact: Centre for Women & Trans People | | 416.979.5255 x 2350

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