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MEDLIFE Ryerson Reading Week Trip

During February 16-24, MEDLIFE Ryerson will be hosting a Developmental Corps trip with Queens University and Laurentian. The Developmental Corps Trip is for engineering and architectural students or graduates seeking to volunteer and assist in the planning and construction of community development projects.

Working hand in hand with the community, MEDLIFE Development Corps aims to help communities break the cycle of poverty they are currently in.

Interested students will have the opportunity to work with professionals and community members to build a project that will aid in community development and sustainability. Some projects include building a staircase for a community living on a hill that has had a large amount of falls due to the hilly landscape or a well to deliver clean drinking water. This trip offers students a rewarding and educational experience apply their skills and help poorer communities meet basic human rights. Students will be able to receive sponsorship funding from MEDLIFE Ryerson to help with the trip expenses. Students interested in this financial aid sponsorship can email medlife.ryerson@gmail.com

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