Frequently Asked Questions

For Electronic Billing Purposes What Does My Dentist Need?

Your Green Shield ID # is: RSU ( your Ryerson (9-digit) student #) - 00

The RSU regrets that students only enrolled in courses offered through Chang School, part-time degree program, Graduate Program (Except The Lincoln Alexander School of Law's Juris Doctor program) are not eligible for the Members' Health & Dental Plan.

» My Dentist Insisted That I Pay Upfront and File the Dental Claim Myself. Why?

» Green Shield Covers Less Than the Cost of Some Services Charged by my Dentist. Why?

» My Pharmacist Forced Me to Pay for My Entire Prescription. What Can I Do Now?

» Less Than 80% of my Prescription Cost was Actually Covered. Why?

» What About My Provincial Health Coverage?

» How Soon Do My Benefits Begin At The Beginning Of The Academic Year?

» Am I Covered Through The Summer While I Am Not In School?

» I Opted Out Last Year. What Is My Status This Year?

» If I Opt Out, Am I Reimbursed For the Premium I Paid As A Part Of My Tuition?

» Can I Opt Out Of One Plan, But Remain In The Other?

» I Am Already Covered By Another Extended Health Insurance Package. Can I Opt Out Of The RSU Plan?

» I Am Beginning School In January - Can I Still Opt Out Of The Ryerson Students' Union Health Plan?

» Can I Sign Up My Dependents?

» Why am I not eligible for the RSU Health and Dental Fee?