About the Good Food Centre

The Good Food Centre, one of the six RSU equity service centres, offers food access for all students, faculty, and staff (full or part-time).

The Centre works to ensure equitable access to sufficient, acceptable, sustainable, and wholesome food to all Ryerson community members. By building capacity through providing emergency food relief, skill building, and educational opportunities, the centre aims to contribute to RSU's mission in ensuring equitable access to post-secondary education for all students.

Accessing sufficient amounts of quality food on a limited budget can be difficult. The Good Food Centre provides access to free non-perishable foods and fresh produce to those struggling with poverty, financial obligations, and underemployment. Through several services, including the centre's food bank and Good Food Box program, Ryerson community members can access a wide range of foods to meet a variety of needs.

The generous support of the Ryerson Students' Union, Ryerson Community, and partner organizations makes this service possible.

History Of The Centre

The need for a place to obtain affordable food on Ryerson campus was first recognized in 1992 and led to the opening of the Student Feedback program in 1993. Student Feedback, housed in the Business building, served as a food bank, referral service and advocacy centre. In 1997, Student Feedback as moved to a more central location in Jorgenson Hall. In 1999, our named changed from Student Feedback to the Community Food Room. The range of services provided by this program has since expanded to include providing nutritional information, distributing the Good Food Box, and coordinating the RSU community gardens.

In the Fall of 2014, we changed our name to the Good Food Centre to reflect the service's new focus on procuring food that is as sufficient, acceptable, sustainable, and wholesome as possible. 

Contact: Good Food Centre | foodcentre@rsuonline.ca | 416.979.5255 x 2319

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