Good Food Centre Services

Community Food Bank

The centre's food bank service operates on an honesty basis with an open door policy. This means that proof of income, student loan information, or other invasive information to access the service is not required. We strongly believe that those utilizing the Good Food Centre are in need of assistance and can judge for themselves the necessity of accessing our services.

Members of the food bank program are provided with 10 credits per week to provide enough food for roughly 3 days. Members may use their credits during a single visit or spread the credits throughout the week. Members with dependents are entitled to an additional 5 credits per dependent.  

The Good Food Box

The Good Food Box is a non-profit fresh fruit and vegetable distribution service provided by FoodShare Toronto. The top-quality assortment of produce is sourced from Ontario-grown products whenever possible to support the local farm economy and reduce fossil fuels used during lengthy shipping. Several different sizes and options are available to meet a variety of needs.

Click here to view our brochure detailing the price, size, and content options. You do not have to be a Ryerson student, faculty, or staff member to purchase a Good Food Box. 

Community Gardens

Located outside of the Ram and the Rye and on Church St. and on the roof of the Student Centre, the community gardens house a variety of crops  each spring and summer that partially supplement the food centre's produce needs. The community gardens allow Ryerson students to get involved in growing their own fruits and vegetables while also building skills and community. 


Our trained staff can provide a variety of referrals depending on the need including locating other food banks, meal programs, drop-ins, social services, and Ryerson specific services. Please book a confidential appointment with one of our staff at if you would like to receive referral supports.

Contact: Good Food Centre | | 416.979.5255 x 2319

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