Graduate Council

Representing Graduate Students At Ryerson 

The Ryerson Students' Union recognizes that Grad Students face specific challenges when it comes to being a student. We work hard to advocate for graduate students and make sure that your voices are heard.

The Grad Council 

The Grad council is a body of the RSU thatrepresents all graduate student at Ryerosn. The Council is made of:

  • Graduate Executive Commitee

  • One Representive elected form each GSA

  • Graduate Senators 

The Graduate Council helps set the direction of advocacy and social initiatives for grads. The Council is open to all graduate students to attend, but only delegated GSA representatives may vote. 

The mandate of the graduate council is to represent students, create and develop a grad community at Ryerson, to defend graduate student rights, and to lobby the provincial and federal government to impove funding to graduate studies. 

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