Graduate Travel Grant 

The travel grant program is intended to assist graduate students with costs associated with travel, accommodations, and conference registration related to academic work.

Grant Details

  1. Each student is only eligible for one grant per academic year - MAY 1 2019  to APRIL 30 the next year.
  2. The grant available per student is a MAXIMUM of $500 - The actual amount awarded to a student will depend on how many applications are received and costs associated with the request.
  3. Applications will be considered within 3 weeks of being received.
  4. Travel Grant Funds will only be released when all original receipts are provided. Receipts can be submitted with this application form or at the RSU SCC-311.
  5. Applications will be considered anonymously by a committee of the Graduate Council.
  6. The Graduate Council will email applicants with application results and cheques will be available for pick up at the RSU.
  7. Grants are a form of income and the RSU will issue a T4A for tax purposes. You will be required to fill out a tax form on collection of the grant.
  8. Submission of this application can take place before or after attending the conference.
  9. You must present your research at the conference you are attending in order to receive funding from the RSU. Proof of presentation is required.

Application Deadlines

  • Spring - June 30
  • Summer - September 30
  • Fall - December 1
  • Winter - March 31

Application Requirements

  1. Currently enrolled student in the Yeates School of Graduate Studies in a full time or part time programme.
  2. Applications must include:-
                   i.   Letter of interest (250 words)
                   ii.  Confirmation of travel
                   iii. Confirmation/Proof of conference
  3. Receipts:-
                   i.  Submit original receipts with this application.
                   ii. If you have NOT yet taken the trip, you must provide original receipts with in two weeks of your return.
                       You can submit your receipts to the RSU SCC311.
  4. Endorsement from your supervisor - If you do not have a supervisor, endorsement must be provided by a professor who is most familiar with your work. Endorsements will be contacted to confirm the information.

How to Apply

Applicants can either download the form attached below and drop it off at the RSU front desk, located on the 3rd floor of the Student Campus Centre or fill out the online form in the link provided.

▼ Download

Contact:  or | (416) 979-5255 x 2325 | SCC311, 55 Gould St