Get Involved In Campaigns

The RSU Graduate Council is actively involved in lobbying on behalf of all part-time and full-time graduate students. This means continued pressure on improving policy and experience on campus, but also continued pressure on the provincial and federal governments regarding funding, copyright and research integrity. Get involved with the Graduate Council and general RSU campaigns to demand an affordable and accessible education that is of high-quality.

National Graduate Caucus

Graduate students are also represented on the provincial and federal levels through their membership in the Canadian Federation of Students and the National Graduate Caucus, which is comprised of over 60,000 graduate students across Canada. The National Graduate Caucus is the largest graduate student organisation in Canada, and the only one with an office in Ottawa to lobby federal decision-makers.

Its mandate is to monitor legislative developments as they pertain to graduate students and ensures that the voice of graduate students is heard on issues as varied as copyright, whistleblower protection, student debt, the licensing agreement with the National Library of Canada, and academic freedom and commercialization of education.

More info on the National Graduate Caucus.

Contact: Graduate Deputy Chairperson of Education | | 416 979 5255, ext. 2169