Other Common Issues

Please note that this is not legal advice. General information is provided here for informational purposes only and should not be relied on as a substitute for legal advice. The information below outlines *generalized answers to common questions students have about the law, and is provided here as a guide to get them to start thinking about how to avoid some common legal issues.

If you currently have a legal issues that needs to be dealt with, please seek professional help by making use of the free Legal Services provided by the Ryerson Students’ Union.

It is generally recommended that all of the following content is read and considered by students.

Be sure to attend to the details of these issues. Dealing with them is always harder than the steps it takes to avoid them in the first place. Yet, every year plenty of students have one of these come up and bite them in the butt midway through the year (or worse, during exams). But, also know that the Ryerson Students’ Union is here to provide students with our free legal services should something serious come up.

We’ve got your back.

Date compiled: September 2016
Sourced from: Ryerson Law Network
Compiled & Written by: Pooja Ravindranath, Alana Bujeya, and Yuli Jadov.

» My partner and I have lived together for ___, what would our status be considered? What if we split?

» Key Aspects of Landlord/Tenant Law

» What are my rights as an employee, and what if they are infringed?

» Subleasing versus Subletting?

» Difference between borrowing from an organization (ex: OSAP) vs. an individual?

» What are the most common types of intellectual property protection? How do they apply to textbooks?

» What should I know about fighting speeding tickets?