New Group Resources

New Group Registration

All new student groups are required to collect names and contact info of students that would support the formation of the group. Please use the form list word, click on the word "download", to collect names. 

If you have any questions about the process of forming a new group please contact the Vice-President Student Life and Events,, or the Campus Groups Administrator,

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Sample Constitution

To assist students in forming new student groups through the RSU we have provided a sample constitution for your review. Any group seeking approval to be and RSU Student Group must submit a Constitution with the student group application. 

Click on the word "download" below to view the sample constitution.  

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Student Group Policies

Once your group is approved as a RSU Student Group you are expected to uphold and abide to the RSU's policies. For your reference you can view the RSU Student Group policy by clicking on the word "download" below. 

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