The Case for Post Residency Fee


A Post-Residency Fee is a form of tuition fee payment that recognises graduate students have finished their coursework and are simply in the independent research and thesis writing stage of their degree. Simply put, when graduate students are not placing higher operations costs on the university, a post-residency fee recognises that they should not be contributing the same as graduate students that are.

Post-Residence Fees are labelled differently at varying institutions. Terms such as "continuing," "non-instructional," "additional session," "post-program," "re-registration" and "discounted" fees can often refer to post-residency fees.



Accessible Graduate Education

There has been a large increase in graduate studies programs in Ontario. However, despite the new emphasis, funding has continued to stagnate and debt student fees and debt continues to rise. Large financial barriers have a large impact on a student's ability to focus on academic and research pursuits, as well as their ability to pursue future educational opportunities.

It has become apparent that there is a desire and need for expanded graduate studies programs; however, it is equally important that with increase in graduate spaces, comes an increase in funding, grants and fair waged work.