President Candidates

For the Students

My name is David Jardine and I am running to be your next RSU President with my amazing team, For the Students. The RSU needs to be doing way better for students - and that's exactly what I will do if elected. I have fought for years to make Ryerson better, whether it was working in residence, being President of the science society, or advocating for students to the university administration on the BoG. The RSU can make huge changes for us, from pushing for lower tuition to offering services that actually improve our lives and school. Instead, the only thing the RSU has consistently delivered is scandals and poor transparency. Elect us and that will change. We are ready to fight for students and make the RSU something Ryerson students can be proud of. I will ensure the RSU is transparent, we listen to all our students, and we offer events and programs that actually support you. To see my team and I’s full campaign, visit or on Instagram and Facebook at @ForTheStudentsRU.


Siddhanth Satish is a final year Hospitality and Tourism Management student at Ryerson. Over the past year, Siddhanth served as the Vice President Education of the Ryerson Students Union. During his time at the Ryerson Students Union, he advocated for and established a series of financial relief measures to assist students during the pandemic. He oversaw the disbursement of financial aid to over 2000 students at Ryerson. When Siddhanth moved to Canada from Tanzania, Ryerson became his home away from home. He formed a community around himself by getting involved at the Ryerson Hindu Student Association and the Ryerson Indian Students Association. His first exposure to the RSU was when he volunteered at the Week Of Welcome events in his first year. He later volunteered regularly at the Good Food Center and the Wellness Center at the RSU. Siddhanth strongly believes that Ryerson Students are not interested in charity or handouts. All they've ever wanted is an opportunity to get a good education and productively contribute to society. Many systemic barriers prevent students from excelling at University. Food Insecurity, Rising cost of Education, Unaffordable student housing, shrinking access to mental health support are just a few of these barriers. When elected, Siddhanth pledges to address these issues with the help of his team.