Racialised Students' Collective

Racialised Students' Collective opposes all forms of racism and work towards community wellness for students. Through education, campus and community organizing, and our commitment to struggle across differences, we seek to responsible reflect, represent and serve racialized students.

Our Mission:

To create and anti-racist climate on campus that will foster a healthy and rich working and learning environment for all.

Our Focus:

  • To provide a safe space for students who have been discriminated against and/or students who are committed to anti-racist action.
  • Building an anti-racist network
  • Fostering an anti-racist environment through campus-wide services, campaigns and events
  • Addressing concerns and challenging systemic institutional and overt racism at Ryerson.
  • Contributing to Ryerson Students' Union programs and actions to address racism on campus.

You can contact the Office or join our email newsletter; see the contact info listed below. 

What Is Racism?

A system of advantage based on race; the ability to act on the belief that people of different races have different qualities & abilities, and that some races are inherently superior or inferior.

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Contact: Racialised Students' Collective | racialisedstudents@rsuonline.ca |(416) 979-5255 ext. 2334 | Facebook

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