Bookings are open for the winter semester--- Book ONLINE Now!

Process to Follow

  • Appoint one member of your executive to be the authorized room booker. Provide the name and contact information for this person to the Internal Coordinator at no later than the start of September.
  • All space must be booked a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance.
  • Remember to include setup and takedown times within your booking request.
  • Include all relevant details when booking a room, including the name of the event and if food will be served.
  • For Student Centre bookings, please read the terms and conditions carefully once your room is confirmed.


You will be contacted via e-mail once your booking is confirmed. For Ryerson campus bookings, the RSU will forward you a room booking permit via email. This permit is required as proof for the room booking and must be brought to your event.


  • Thomas Lounge, Oakham Lounge, and SCC115 may be booked a maximum of ONCE a week. If another room booking is required, one of the smaller rooms may be booked.
  • Student Groups and Course Unions can book a maximum of two rooms per week between September to May.
  • The Student Centre is closed on Sundays.

Cancellation/No Show/Relocation

  • Rooms must be cancelled no later than 48 hours in advance. Inform the Internal Coordinator immediately for cancellations at and indicate the room, date, and time of the booking as well as the name of your group.
  • You will be penalized for no-shows. 
  • At times it may be necessary for your room allocation to be changed. If so, it will be done no later than 24 hours prior to your event. Whenever a room allocation has to be changed, groups will be assigned a different space.

Room Setup

  • Rooms must always be left as you found them. Remove garbage and any other materials you have brought in, otherwise you will be charged a cleanup fee.
  • Your group must do any special setup that is required, otherwise you will be charged for setup and teardown.
  • Special requests (chairs, tables, linens, etc.) must be received a minimum of two weeks in advance. Note that there is a charge for linens.

Bar Service

  • If you require a cash bar, you must indicate the hours of the bar service. You will be charged for the bartenders’ services. Arrangements for the bar must be confirmed at least one week in advance and no later than the Wednesday of the week prior to the event.
  • You may not bring in your own alcohol or serve alcohol yourself.
  • Food must be served if alcohol service is provided.

Food & Beverage

  • Any arrangements that have a cost (food, beverages, cash bars, etc.) must be approved through the Campus Groups Administrator before the event. Never make contact with either Ryerson Food Services or Student Centre catering until speaking with the Campus Groups Administrator first!
  • You may bring your own food to any room in the Student Centre except for the Ram in the Rye.
  • BBQ’s are available for use on the Ram patio, but must be booked as a catered event. You cannot operate the BBQ’s on your own.
  • Purchase items such as pop, desserts, etc. at grocery stores – your budget will go much further.
  • The RSU has discounted biodegradable cutlery, cups, plates, and napkins available for purchase at the Member Services Office. Contact the Member Services Coordinator for more information and pricing at

Movie Nights 

You must follow the following procedure in order to run movie nights:

  • You cannot charge an admission fee
  • You may, however, charge for refreshments at the event
  • You may ask for a donation to your Student Group or Course Union (not for the movie)
  • You can rent movies from Criterion Pictures (Ryerson has a viewing license – contact Lesley McRae at JOR-04 or 416.979.5000 x 7352 for more info). Films cost between $30-$40 to rent.

Other Fees & Charges

  • There is a $3.75 per tablecloth fee in the Student Centre.
  • A cleanup fee may be charged if a room is left soiled or littered.
  • Late Closings: Occasionally, events may be held outside the Student Centre’s regular hours (before 8am or after 11pm Monday to Saturday) but will be subject to a minimum $70 labour charge, up to $200 (two staff must be scheduled for a minimum of three hours to operate the building).

Audio/Visual Equipment

  • The RSU has made an investment in portable PA systems and data projectors for the use of Campus Groups when booking within the Student Centre. Many rooms in the building are already equipped with such equipment. Outside the Student Centre, arrangements can be made to reserve equipment on your behalf through Ryerson Media Services. To reserve any A/V equipment, visit the RSU Front Desk on the third floor of the Student Centre.
  • No A/V equipment can be borrowed overnight or taken off campus.

Room Specifications

Click below to download a list of available spaces to book on campus.

Pub Bookings 

Click below to download information on how to book a fundraising event or social night at the Ram in the Rye.

Credit Union Lounge Bookings

All events in the Credit Union Lounge must be done in a manner to respect the neighboring offices and to ensure a free flow of traffic within and past the Lounge.


  • No theatre style seating is permitted
  • Tables must be set a minimum of four (4) feet back from the front of the pillars that border the walkway
  • No materials, tables, or chairs are to be setup in the walkway


No speakers, lectures, or debates (with the exception of election debates) may be held in the Lounge.

Audio/Visual (During Working Hours)

  • NO MUSIC is allowed in the Credit Union Lounge
  • Microphones are not permitted
  • Megaphones are not permitted
  • Theatre style setup will not be permitted to view videos
  • Sound may be used but not at levels that will disturb surrounding offices


Groups will be required to undertake in writing that all materials (written, visual, etc.) on display in the Lounge will be suitable for display in a public space by those that pass by (for example, not showing sexually explicit material or excessive violence). Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in immediate removal of the item and may jeopardize the continuance of the display. A group that does not execute this undertaking will be required to book an enclosed space.

Discrimination & Harassment Prevention

As with all activities on campus, groups are required to abide by Ryerson’s Discrimination & Harassment Prevention policy.


No group worship or prayer is allowed.

Breach of Guidelines

Breaches of the above guidelines will be referred to Student Services who will consult with the RSU on the future use of the space. Penalties may include loss of access to the space for one term.


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