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The Our Love Is campaign seeks to discuss the powerful nature of love and the diversity of healthy relationships.

Our Love Is…Equal

All love looks different and takes many forms, and each unique love deserves the same respect, safety, and rights as all other love. No one deserves to feel afraid or ashamed of their love, and it is on all of us to make sure that all love is treated with care and acceptance.

Our Love Is…Open

Love is not about jealousy or possession. It is okay to open your heart or your relationship if that is what feels right to you and your partner. Love is about being honest and expressing yourself, and it is okay to love more than one person. Our love is not limited and comes in all forms. It is okay to open your heart to new people and experiences.

Our Love Is…Radical

Love defies social barriers. We get to create our own love, but sometimes, others don’t want to accept it. Our love may be different at times, but we are happy, and we will continue to fight for our love. Our love is a statement. Our love is revolutionary. Our love can change the world. 

Our Love Is…Platonic

Not all love is romantic or sexual. Love can be between friends, family, and people in between. There are many kinds of love in the world, and many people don’t even want to be in relationships. We can love someone without having to get physical or sensual with them. Love is about creating your own family, and sometimes those we love most are not our romantic interests. 

Our Love Is…Political

Our love can define space and redefine space. Our love is will not be erased or silenced. We will continue to fight, for our love to be recognized and respected. We will fight for our loved ones to be safe. Our love is inherently political. 

Our Love Is…Consensual

Love looks like a lot of things, but all love must be consensual. What is consent? Consent is a voluntary, informed, enthusiastic, sober, verbal, physical, and emotional agreement between people. Being in a relationship does not give consent, nor does  sexual history. Consent is continuous, so consenting to one act does give consent to another. Consent is a conversation, and open dialogue and mutual respect between partners creates a safer, more enjoyable space for everyone. 

Our Love Is…Infinite

Love has no limits, and everyone’s understanding of love is unique to their own experiences. Love is whatever we decide feels right for ourselves and our partner(s). Our love cannot be defined by anyone else. 

Our Love Is…Respectful

Our Love is respectful. Love is not fearful, threatening, or manipulative. Love is giving people their space and freedom to be independent. Love is validating your partner(s)’ feelings and experiences. Love is creating a safe space. Love is valuing someone as their own person. No matter what kind of relationship you have with someone, there should always be mutual respect. 

Our Love Is…Resilient

Our Love is a strong force. Love can be faced with hate and discrimination. Love can be oppressed by systems of racism, binarism, ableism, transphobia, misogyny, and heteronormativity. But our love is tough; our love bounces back and keeps pushing. Our love is stronger than those who try to tear us down.

Our Love Is…Beautiful

Loving someone, and to be loved is an amazing thing. Loves comes in many different forms, and all stories of love are beautiful. Our love should be celebrated. Our love is incredible. Our love is beautiful. 


Alongside RyePRIDE, there are five other Equity Service Centres. Since September 2014, the RU Trans Collective has been organising amazing campaigns and advocacy initiatives. Discover more about campaigns on all-gender washrooms and changerooms, name change policies and much more. 


Challenging all forms of discrimination and oppression is an important part of the work of the student movement. Racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and all forms of oppression can affect how certain groups of people access post-secondary education, and perpetuate inequities in society based on gender, race, socio-economic status, (dis)ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, citizenship status and other factors.

The Canadian Federation of Students works through its constituency groups to promote equity and challenge all forms of discrimination. A series of equity buttons are available and templates can be downloaded [click 'Download' below] for students' unions to use on their campuses.

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