As a student-run and student-focused organisation, RyePRIDE offers a number of services to students at Ryerson University. RyePRIDE is always interested in hearing what services you require or desire, whether that is a RyePRIDE or central university service. Email us at


RyePRIDE works on a number of projects, campaigns and initiatives that our coordinators and volunteers have helped build. Contact us in person or through email at to see how you can get involved and/or access our support.


RyePRIDE operates out of SCC211 in the Ryerson Student Centre at 55 Gould Street. Stop by our office to access a queer and trans-inclusive support space. We also operate as a Collective, meaning that you can join our space and help direct our organisational mandate, find a social and activist support network and decompress. 


In addition to being really fun, our events are also a service of RyePRIDE. Give us feedback on events and programmes that we offer and suggest some new ideas.

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