Health & Dental Plan

Welcome to Your Student Health & Dental Plan

Members of the Ryerson Students' Union (RSU) have come together to contribute to a health and dental plan that provide benefits to us all.

Your health and dental plan has been democratically established by students through a referendum. Every year, your elected representatives and staff work to negotiate the best value possible. Students who already have coverage are allowed to opt-out of the plan, so the service can be focused on those who need it.

Your health and dental plan is a service of the RSU, underwritten by Green Shield Canada – the only national non-profit benefits provider in the country, so you can be assured that students’ interests are the only priority.

In creating a universal health and dental plan, students have recognized that when we work together, we can save money and provide important services. If any individual student were to seek private and independent health coverage, the cost would be too great and the benefits too limited. However, by pooling our resources we are able to realize incredible savings and service enhancements through economies of scale.

This benefits plan represents much more than health and dental insurance. In deciding to offer health and dental protection, students are working to ensure that no student suffers academically or has to drop out of school because of unexpected and unmanageable health related costs. Some students with chronic illnesses would never be able to see the inside of a classroom without access to affordable treatment and therapies.

That is why it is important to work collectively to provide protection for each other in the most cost-effective way possible. While we hope that this year will be worry free, if your health does falter, we are glad that your health and dental plan will be there to support you. Many of your plan benefits support health promotion and illness prevention, such as annual dental cleaning and maintenance medication. Being proactive about your health and dental needs is as much a worthwhile investment in your future as your education.

This year, please get familiar with your coverage and take advantage of the benefits provided by the health and dental plan. After all, we can all benefit from having the peace of mind this coverage brings.

If you have any questions or suggestions, there is a team of people waiting to assist you. Have a healthy and successful year!

– Your RSU Executives

Contact Us for Support

RSU Health & Dental Plan Administrator

In Person: Member Services Office, Student Centre (SCC) lobby, 55 Gould Street

Phone: 416.979.5255 x 2311


Green Shield Customer Care: 1.888.711.1119

Green Shield Website:


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