Student Action Committee


The Student Action Committee is open to any student at Ryerson who wants to work together with students in Ontario and across Canada united through the Canadian Federation of Students to fight for affordable, accessible post-secondary education.

Students in Ontario continue to face detrimental increases in fees, and funding cuts to post-secondary education. Among the cuts are complete eliminations of the Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the top scholarship and the Ontario Work Study Program. Further, students wishing to do a gr.12 victory lap will now be charged for that year of education.

The Student Action Committee meets regularly and is open to all RSU members. The committee functions in a variety of ways and has taken action to create innovative campaigns and actions on campus. Come out for a meeting or more and let’s continue achieving our goal towards a more sustainable campus.

For more info or to get involved, sign up for the Student Action Committee Listsev:
Click here | 416-979-5255 x 2318