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The Student Action committee meets to discuss ways to mobilize, take action and organizes on issues that affect the accessibility, affordability and quality of post-secondary education.

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Join the Student Action Committee in their fight for affordable, accessible post-secondary education. As a rally point for activist students on campus, this group has continued to be at the foreground of conversations around lobbying the provincial government to increase funding for Ontario universities and colleges. We also advocate a freeze in tuition fees for both domestic and international students. This committee offers a campus space for conversation and mobilization - ensuring all student voices are heard.

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On March 30th 2015 Ryerson's Board of Board of Governors will be voting on a university budget that will, for the 10th year in a row, require students to pay 3-5% more on their tuition fees, and departments to cut their budgets by up to 2%. While the university claims that there are financial realities that leave them with no other choice but to ask students for more money, the Ryerson Students' Union, the Continuing Education Students' Association at Ryerson, with the help of two independent economist, have developed an alternative budget report that tells a different story.  Ryerson has been sitting on an average surplus of $14 million every year for the past 5 years ( last years surplus was $20 million). In addition, the report provides recommendations for an additional $16.7 million in savings that could go towards freezing tuition fees and ending academic departmental cuts among other things.


Ryerson claims that a tuition fee freeze and an end to budget cuts would cost the university about $13 million, but the information we have shows that it will actualyy only cost $6.3 million. We argue that last years surplus plus the recommended options for ways to save can cover the cost and still leave money to set aside for long term projects! 

If the university were to freeze tuition fees next year and put the  surplus back into students hands, students would receive about $670. That’s enough money to pay for an extra course, buy about 6 metro passes, purchase a ton of groceries, pay off a credit card, or pay part of your rent.... The options are endless! 

The RSU and CESAR will be presenting the alternative budget report to the MACRO committee of the university, as well as the Finance committee of the Board of Governors over the next few weeks. We will be making the case that a tuition fee freeze is possible, and necessary!


1. Educate Yourself!

Watch the Alternative Budget Town Hall live recording: 

Read the alternative budget below. Click 'Open publication' for share/download options

2. Join the Student Action Committee

The next meeting of the student action committee will be Monday March 23 at 5pm, in the second floor lounge of the student centre. This meeting is open to Faculty, Staff, and Students.. Really anyone who is interested in fighting for a more affordable system of Post Secondary Education. 

3. Visit us at an Outreach Table

We will be out on campus talking to students about the Freeze the fees campaign. Come out, sign our declaration, and fill out the mock rebate cheque

4. Join our Contingent at the March 30th Board of Governors Meeting!

The Ryerson Board of Governors are the highest financial decision making body at Ryerson University. On March 30th they will be reviewing proposals for next years Ryerson Budget. Join us in calling for a freeze in Tuition fees and an end to Academic Department cuts 

For more information or if you would like to get involved email the Vice-PResident Education at

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