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The Serbian Society of Ryerson plans to advance the particular interests of Serbians and/or Canadians fascinated by Serbian culture and to promote an understanding of Serbian customs to the Ryerson student community. Email:
SMASH is a mental health and well-being student group that is created by students for students. Our vision is to increase mental health awareness and support in a post-secondary environment through student peer-to-peer support. We host a variety...
The Marxist Voice of Labour and Youth at Ryerson University! Email: Marxist@ryerson.caWebsite:
We are the Ryerson Sri Lankan Student Alliance! We are a friendly and welcoming bunch of people who enjoy creating charity, educational, social and cultural events for the Ryerson community! We can't wait to get to know you!...
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SJP is an advocacy group that speaks out against oppression and promotes justice under human rights and international law.  We call and work towards ending the Israeli occupation and colonization on Palestinian lands and ending the Israeli...
We are students who want to see a lasting peace in the Middle East. We are brought together by our passion for social justice and hope for coexistence between Israel and her neighbours We support the Jewish and Israeli people's right to self...
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