Taskforce on Campus Food

Together, we can change food services at Ryerson

Food options at Ryerson just don't cut it. Late night eats are few and far between; campus cafeterias dish out the same food for outrageous prices; dietary needs are hardly accommodated for; and mandatory meal plans leave residence students with little to choose from when it comes to a healthy meal.

Since 1993, Ryerson has held an exclusive food contract with Aramark – a for-profit food service provider. The contract was renewed in 2003 with little to no student consultation. This year, Ryerson is negotiating its food contract yet again, and has allowed for other companies – such as Sodexo and Chartwells – to place a bid. None of these for-profit corporations have students’ needs in mind when it comes to providing food to our community.

We believe that food should be locally sourced, accessible to a variety of dietary restrictions, and priced for a students’ budget. That’s why we’re working to improve food on campus by developing The Good Food Co-op – a not-for-profit, cooperatively owned food services alternative.

But instead of listening to students, Ryerson seems dead-set on more of the same – another contract with a for-profit food service provider like Aramark, high prices, and low quality food.

We have a plan to do things differently. Learn more at: www.goodfoodnow.ca


After strong student support Ryerson has signed new contracts with providers that are based around values of sustainability, locally,- and ecologically- grown food.

Here's a list of the the cafeteria's new food suppliers: http://food.ryerson.ca/about-us/our-suppliers/ 

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