U-Commute Transit Campaign

The Transit Committee is working together with other student unions in Toronto to create and implement the initiatives students need to commute in the most efficient and least costly manner possible.

The U-Pass is a student transit card that will significantly reduce travel costs and increase accessibility. The U-Pass would be available for each individual registered as a full-time Ryerson student. We are building a framework to transform the U-Pass into a reality on Ryerson’s campus. Throughout the year the committee will continue to lobby the TTC, Metrolinx and provincial government to find avenues for cheaper student fares. While we lobby for the U-Pass, we will consistently be advocating for lower and lower fares.

An alternate transit initiative is cycling, an extremely efficient way to get around downtown Toronto. The RSU is planning to collaborate with the exciting, up-and-coming startup Dropbike; Canada’s first dockless bike sharing system. Ryerson will see the second campus pilot out of the new company, originally from U of T, so keep an eye out for Dropbike’s signature orange bikes. This, alongside advocacy for more bike racks and bike lanes in and around campus is why the RSU’s Transit committee is looking forward to continuing the exciting conversation on campus cycling.


Daniel Lis, Vice-President Education
SCC311, Student Centre
vp.education@rsuonline.ca // 416-979-5255 ext 2318