TTC Metropass

The Post Secondary Metropass and the Discount Adult (VIP) Metropass are sold from the Member Services Office, Student Campus Centre Lobby.

In the winter of 2010, students won a historic victory. Students' Unions across the GTA and the CFS successfully lobbied the Toronto Transit Commission and secured a Student Metropass, giving University and College students the same discount offered to high school students. Full-time students enrolled in a diploma or degree granting program will be able to purchase a Student Metropass for a price even further discounted than the Adult VIP Metropass. The price of the Post Secondary Metropass is $116.75.

The Post Secondary Metropass can be purchased at the Member Services Office starting on the 25th of each month. This pass is only valid with TTC Photo ID only. You can get your TTC Photo ID at Sherbourne Station. 

Hello FREE Presto Card, Goodbye Metropass!

December will be the last month to purchase a discounted TTC VIP Metropass or a Post Secondary Metropass

RECIEVE A FREE PRESTO CARD with your December Metropass purchase from the Member Services Office

Who is Eligible to Use the Monthly Post-Secondary Student Metropass?

To use the monthly Post-Secondary Student Metropass, along with a valid TTC Post-Secondary Photo ID, students must be: 

  • enrolled in a full-time degree or diploma program in a recognized Post-Secondary institution located within the City of Toronto
  • enrolled as a full-time student at Private Career College (registered under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005) located within the City of Toronto.

Students must carry their TTC Post-Secondary Photo ID when using their monthly Post-Secondary Student Metropass and present it upon request by TTC staff.

Adult VIP Metropass

The Discounted Adult (VIP) Metropass is available for $128.75 to all current members of the Ryerson Community (students, staff and faculty) with a valid Ryerson OneCard and goes on sale from the 20th of each month.

This pass is transferable and does not require a TTC I.D. card. Only one pass may be purchased per person member per month - no exceptions. The Ryerson Students' Union brings students, faculty and staff at Ryerson more affordable TTC travel through the VIP Transferrable Metropass!

Remember, cash or debit only.

The RSU is proud to offer this option to meet different needs for transit.

How RSU Won These Discounts

The RSU's discounted TTC Metropasses is the end product of a sustained campaign by the RSU and other students' unions across the GTA highlighting our need for more affordable public transit. Students working together do make a difference! Students now save more money because the TTC has agreed to allow all university and college students to purchase the student-rate discount pass. 

How much do I save?
Both Metropasses are available from the Member Services Office and offer a discounted savings from the usual Adult Metropass. The Post Secondary Metropass, transferrable to other students with a TTC I.D. Card, saves you $29.50, while the Adult VIP Metropass, available to all Ryerson community members, saves you $17.50 a month!

When can I buy the pass?
The Post Secondary Metropass is available starting the 25th of each month, while supplies last. You can purchase the Adult VIP Metropass is available starting the 20th of each month, unless we sell out. The Ryerson Students' Union encourages you to beat the line up around the end of the month by coming early!

Visit the TTC's website for information on routes and schedules.

Federal Tax Credit Information

Effective January 2008, a signature block will be included on the back of the TTC pass. To claim the federal transit tax credit, the pass must be signed by the claimant. Please note that the signature requirement has no impact on the transferability of the pass. For additional information on how to claim the tax credit for public transit passes, see the Canada Revenue Agency website at

Overview Of The Metropasses Offered At The Member Services Office

 Type of Pass

Discounted Adult (VIP) Metropass

Post Secondary Metropass




Who can buy this pass?

Any member of the Ryerson Community (Full and Part time students, staff, faculty)

Full-time enrolled in a degree or diploma granting program

What is required to BUY the pass?

VALID Ryerson OneCard or Photo I.D. AND  you must know your student/employee number

TTC I.D. Card

What is required to USE the pass?

No other ID required on the TTC

TTC I.D. Card required at all times when using the TTC. They must be shown together, and you must present it if asked by a TTC employee


Yes, transferable to anyone (see TTC rules for details)

Yes, BUT only to another student who uses a TTC Photo I.D. Card

Contact: Member Services Office | | (416) 979-5255 x 2358 | Student Centre Lobby, 55 Gould St.