Vice-President Education Candidates

For the Students

My name is Alexandra Nash and I’m running to be your next RSU Vice-President Education with the incredible For the Students team! I believe that this position has huge potential to leverage students’ collective power and make real, lasting change in your day-to-day experience on and off campus, and that’s exactly what I’ll do. As a community organizer and former federal election candidate, I know exactly what goes into successful campaigns. As your VP Education, I will use that expertise to work to improve online learning with more training for professors, more consideration for students, and all around higher standards. When we return to campus, I’ll push to keep all the benefits of the virtual environment, like recorded lectures and open-book or take-home tests. And through it all I’ll fight to lower your tuition and make your education more affordable. I’m running because it’s time RSU started acting like a union and using our collective power for the students. To see me and my team’s full campaign, visit or @ForTheStudentsRU on Instagram and Facebook!


Tarman is a 2nd-year Computer Science student at Ryerson. Prior to her time in the Faculty of Science, she pursued additional qualification courses at the Chang School of Continuing Education. As a Computer Science student, Tarman has conducted a lot of academic research exploring equity and inclusion issues and policy-making in the Tech space. She has also taken on various leadership roles within Ryerson and is actively involved in the social innovation and entrepreneurship community. Tarman is committed to making Ryerson a safer and more inclusive space for all students. She will approach all advocacy issues proactively, reactively and reflectively. This three-pronged approach entails that we first address systematic issues by challenging ideologies that lead to a toxic and unsafe campus environment and work directly with students and faculty to build a supportive community. Then, focus on providing more accessible resources for students in need and consistently assess the effectiveness of policies and encourage honest and progressive conversation. Tarman's lived experiences of discrimination, combined with her academic research, volunteer experience, and collaborative leadership style, would make her a fantastic fit for the role of VP Education.