Vice-President Equity Candidates

For the Students

Hey y’all!

My name is Zanele Chisholm, I use she/her pronouns, and I’m an English major at Ryerson.

I am running for Vice President Equity with the For the Students slate! I hope to evolve the relationship between students and our union to prioritize accessibility, transparency, community, and genuine student advocacy. As VP Equity, my work will be founded in the understanding that the RSU is our union and we all have the right to be actively involved in building an organization that works for us and our needs.

I will use my position to create opportunities, provide support, and amplify student voices. As VP Equity, I will run intersectional educational panels, advocate for more accessible scholarships, and provide spaces for students to discuss their experiences. I will work to actively engage Ryerson students about their demands and concerns about equity and expand the equity centres’ reach to connect students from every community. This election can be the beginning of a radical shift in how we utilize student power to create a stronger, more connected Ryerson community. To see my team and my’s full campaign, visit or on Instagram and Facebook at @FortheStudentsRU


Maleha Yasmin is a 4th-year Sociology student running for VP of Equity in the upcoming RSU elections. She is currently working as the Center for Women and Trans People coordinator, one of RSU's 8 Equity Service Centers. Maleha has worked on various initiatives this past year. For instance, International Women's Day hosted the Equity Service panel, collaborated with the other Equity Service Centers and student groups to bring Ryerson Students virtual events and make our campus a more inclusive and diverse space for marginalized groups. Through her four years at Ryerson, she has taken various student leadership roles, such as Bangladeshi Student Group VP of Operations and Events and Ryerson Liberal Arts Society's (RLAS) Sociology Director. She is an advocate for mental health, and as the VP of Equity, she wants to ensure everyone at Ryerson feels that their mental health needs are met. If elected, Maleha will continue to work on creating a safe, positive environment for racialized students. Maleha will lobby the university for mental health counselling and create more volunteer opportunities within Equity Service Centers.