Vice-President Student Life & Events Candidates 

For the Students

Hello! My name is Ashan Mahendran, I go by he/him pronouns and I'm currently in my 3rd year of Graphic Communications Management at Ryerson. As the moderator for Ryerson’s Free Food Locator, I’m passionate about ensuring that students can find free or cheap food/stuff. My involvement on campus also includes being the Director of Graphic Design for My Networking Club, as well as representing the Faculty of Communications and Design on the RSU Board.

Me and my slate, For the Students, will guarantee that there will be thorough transparency in the RSU. This means that when I’m elected as your VP of Student Life and Events, I will make sure that you get full details of any events hosted by the RSU. I will also create a discount program so students don’t have to spend a lot of money. Lastly, I will host hybrid events so students don’t have to commute for every event since they’ll happen online through Zoom. To see my team and I’s full campaign, visit or on Instagram and Facebook at @ForTheStudentsRU.


Akibul Hoque is a fourth-year Ryerson student completing his studies in the field of Urban and Regional planning. In addition to his studies, he's also part of the Varsity Men's Soccer Team. Akibul was always passionate about attending school events and social gatherings throughout his university career, allowing him to understand students' needs from a deeper prescriptive. He has gained experience and knowledge surrounding himself in different environments. Therefore, this allowed him to learn the core values of leadership, teamwork, open-mindedness and relationship building. He believes these fundamental skills are crucial for guiding decisions, collaborating with others and having the ability to gain trust. Therefore, this upcoming year he will be running for the Vice President of Student Life and Events position in the Ryerson Student Union. Akibul is committed, and once elected, he will be working with diverse student groups and student organizations to help budget funds for events and initiatives. The goal here is to provide students with the right services and entertaining events, where each student can have the opportunity to have an excellent university experience. Furthermore, he will be collaborating with the RAMS to hold fitness and well-being events and create online platforms for student groups to keep track of their finances.