RSU Wellness Centre


The Wellness Centre is a centralized space on campus for Ryerson students to have access to a variety of resources and programs on campus which focus on their mental wellbeing and overall wellness.

Programming and Events

Puzzles & Board Games:

Relax and refocus your mind through board games and puzzles. No experience required, and you're welcome to be as social or as independent as you would like.

S.H.A.R.P Ambassadors:

The Student Health Alliance Resiliency Program will be providing drop in peer-to-peer counselling.

Decompression Programming:

A time when students can participate in low engagement activities that will redirect focus and provide a relaxing zone for students. Check out our Facebook page for detailed schedule on what programming will be held in the space.

De-stresser Workshops:

A moment when students may take a break from their busy lives to participate in group or individual small projects such as zine making and painting or movie screenings.

Thrive RU:

The goal of the ThriveRU initiative in Student Affairs is to provide training and resources to Ryerson students, faculty and staff in order to teach the skills associated with resilience, well-being and thriving in both an academic and personal context. Principles of positive psychology underpin all of the programs associated with ThriveRU.

Netflix & Chill:

Swing by to watch reruns of your favourite movies and television shows.

Chaplain Counselling:

(Coming Soon!)
An opportunity to book an appointment with a chaplain, to receive faith specific counselling

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Contact: RSU Wellness Centre | Lower Level, Student Centre (beside CopyRITE) |
Facebook: RSU Wellness Centre