RSU - The Heart Of Student Life

The RSU is the hub of activity on campus! We know that there’s more to being a student than going to class – that’s why we organize weekly free events for all students, including pub nights, carnivals, karaoke nights, coffee houses, and more.

In addition, the RSU funds and supports over 200 Student Groups, Course Unions, Affiliate Groups, and Graduate Student Course Unions. These groups are social, cultural, religious, and interest-based groups. Get involved with a campus group to make the most out of your Ryerson experience.

Student Groups
Student Groups are cultural, religious or interest-based, and are open to all members of the RSU. To ensure student groups can thrive, the students’ union provides base funding for each semester, general grants, training opportunities, room booking privileges, media equipment, mailboxes, free email and web space. All groups are run by student executives that are elected each spring

Course Unions
All full-time undergrad students are automatically a member of their Departmental Course Union. The RSU supports Course Unions by providing funding, offering training opportunities, room-booking privileges, media equipment, mailboxes and poster approval.  Each Course Union is run by a group of students elected annually.

Affiliate Groups
Are made up of RSU members and are based on acedemic or progam-related projects, shared political views, belong to National based organizations to form a Ryerson chapter on campus, or are chapters of third party organisations.

Contact: RSU’s Campus Groups Coordinator at for more information on joining a campus group or starting a new campus group.