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Room bookings are now open for the Fall 2020 semester!

Due to COVID-19, room bookings will not be available until further notice. Stay tuned for updates

Please note:

  1. If you have already sent in a request for the upcoming semester, your request will be processed.
  2. All booking requests will be processed on a first come, first served basis.
  3. All groups must register a designated room booker for the semester, otherwise their room request will not be processed. Register your designated room booker here
  4. All RSU Campus Groups must book directly with the RSU. Groups are not permitted to contact the Ryerson University Booking Agents or Student Campus Centre Booking Agents directly.
  5. All Groups must designate ONE person from their executive team to book rooms on behalf of the group – The RSU will only book rooms on behalf of this person.
  6. The SCC and Main Campus require a minimum of 7 business days before the event to secure a space. Booking requests made within 7 business days of the event will not be processed – Plan in advance.
  7. Student Groups, Course Unions and Graduate Course Unions – 2 rooms per week, 2 gym rooms per week, unlimited tabling and one Pub booking per semester.
  8. Affiliate Groups – 2 room per semester, 8 tabling sessions
  9. Campus Groups are only permitted to book space on campus for student ONLY events. External groups/organisations must book directly with the vendor (SCC or Ryerson Facilities).
  10. Any large scale events must be approved by the Campus Groups Coordinator.
  11. Any violation of the room booking guidelines in the Campus Groups Policy will result in temporary or permanent suspension of roombooking privileges.

Important Contacts:

  • Campus Groups –
  • Room Booking –
  • Events Coordinator –
  • Vice President Student Life and Events –

Unfamiliar with the Campus Groups Policy?
Contact the Campus Groups Coordinator at

Need help planning an event or need extra funding?
Contact the Vice President Student Life and Events at

Fall 2019 Room Booking Info


For All Main Campus Room Bookings:


STEP 1 – Get Event Approved by ConnectRU

How to get an event approved.

  1. Create a ConnectRU account for Student Group.
  2. Select Ryerson Student Union as a membership organization.
  3. Wait to be approved by the Ryerson Student Union.
  4. For each event fill out an event form on ConnectRU.
  5. The RSU and SLP will approve the event.
  6. IMPORTANT – The Event MUST BE APPROVED before a room can be booked for the event.

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For All SCC And OAK Bookings:

  1. Fill out the RSU Room Request Form
  2. The RSU will confirm availability and book a space for the event.
  3. The RSU will send you a confirmation email that the room is confirmed.

Questions? Contact

Movie Nights  

You must follow the following procedure in order to run movie nights:

The license that we are operating under is Criterion Pictures. Only movies on this list are covered by the license therefore only those films may been shown.

However, the list is very extensive.

Please be aware that if you choose to show a film not on this list your group might have to pay a fine in the hundreds if dollars.

A list of all the production companies whose movies we would be allowed to show with the license:

And the proper search engine for which movies are included with the license:

  • You cannot charge admittance
  • You may, however, charge for refreshments at the event
  • You may ask for a “donation TO YOUR STUDENT GROUP/COURSE UNION” (not for the movie)