Equity Service Centres

Advocating on Your Behalf and Defending Student Rights

As students, it’s often hard to navigate through the University’s policies and procedures, and sometimes our concerns are lost. The Students’ Union works to advocate on your behalf, raise your concerns, and make student life easier. The RSU offers free legal and advocacy services for students, and makes every effort to address problems you may be experiencing – whether financially, academically, or in your personal life.

We also know that as students, we have the voice to make change. Ontario has the highest tuition fees in the country, and we’ve seen our tuition fees go up by 71% over the last 6 years. By working together and organizing campaigns and initiatives, we can make change and win major victories for students. Victories such as the fall reading week, permanent closure of Gould Street, and the discount student metropass are all examples of the things we’ve won when we work together.

The RSU also has six Equity Service Centres: The Centre for Women & Trans People, The Good Food Centre, Racialised Students’ CollectiveRyeACCESSRyePRIDE, and the Trans Collective. These centres serve as a space for students from different marginalized backgrounds to come together and organize equity and social justice initiatives, events, and campaigns. The Equity Service Centres each have their own office on the second floor of the Student Centre, so drop by and get involved!

For more info, please visit rsuequity.ca