BIPOC Students' Collective

Who Are We

The BIPOC Students’ Collective is one of six Equity Service Centres of the Ryerson Students’ Union.

What Do We Do

The BIPOC Students’ Collective works with the Ryerson community to eliminate racism and xenophobia both on and off campus. We do this through education, advocacy initiatives, and campaigns. In addition, the Racialised Students’ Collective holds social events throughout the year for racialised students and community members.

Why Do We Exist

The BIPOC Students’ Collective exists to promote the empowerment, autonomy and freedom for racialised students, and to combat racism and xenophobia that is pervasive throughout society and our campus. We exist to establish a collective where students can self-actualise, discuss and counter the way race, ethnicity and otherness exists in society.

Our Efforts Focus On

– Providing a safe space for students who have been discriminated against and/or students who are committed to anti-racist action
– Building an anti-racist network
– Fostering an anti-racist environment through campus-wide services, campaigns and events
– Addressing concerns and challenging institutional and overt racism at Ryerson
– Contributing to RSU programs and actions to address racism on campus 


BIPOC Collective Coordinator
Trevohn Baker

SCC212, 55 Gould Street
416.979.5255 x2334