The Trans Collective

Who Are We

The Trans Collective is one of six Equity Service Centres of the Ryerson Students’ Union.

What Do We Do

The Trans Collective is focused on challenging transphobia, cissexism, transmisogyny, and binarism at Ryerson University.

The Trans Collective offers education, advocacy, and support for trans people on campus. We have regular meetings where Trans students can support and work together. We also have entertaining and educational events regularly throughout the year, to welcome new members and celebrate each other.

The Trans Collective’s main goals are to create trans-inclusive classrooms and campus environment, and to sustain a welcoming and respectful community by and for trans people at Ryerson.

Why Do We Exist

The Trans Collective exists to promote the empowerment, autonomy and freedom for trans, non-binary and otherwise non-cisgender students, and to combat transphobia, cissexism and trans misogyny that is pervasive throughout society and our campus.


Trans Collective Coordinator
Ollie Coombs 

SCC213, 55 Gould Street
416.979.5255 x 6110