RSU Fee Opt-In Information

What Is The Student Choice Initiative (SCI)?

The Ontario government has released official guidelines for the Student Choice Initiative (SCI), the provincial mandate to give students an opt-out option for certain ancillary fees. An ancillary fee refers to a fee that is imposed or administered, in addition to regular tuition fees, which a student pays for a service or product. Ancillary fees charged by universities to support student groups, course unions and services that fall outside of the provincial framework for compulsory fees will be required to have an opt-out option for its students.

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What this means for the RSU is that students will have the option to stay opted-in to student union fees which will grant them access to all of the services provided by the RSU for the whole year.

The guidelines below provide you with what services are provided by staying opted-in and how much you are spending:

Services if you stay opted-in
(Pay both Essential & Non-Essential Fee)

  • Free legal advice
  • Free tax clinic
  • Equity Service Centres
  • Student groups/course unions
  • Student group/course union events and conferences
  • Discount pricing at CopyRITE Printing Service
  • A used book room for subsidized and affordable textbooks
  • Student jobs
  • Staff to support your access to our events and services
  • Reading Week Trips
  • Concerts
  • RSU Events

Services if you opt-out
(Pay Essential fee only)

  • Free legal advice
  • Free tax clinic
  • Any events that are funded through compulsory grants/fees

Non-Essential Fee (option to pay)


Essential Fee (required to pay)


Total Fee


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