Graduate Course Unions

Graduate Course Unions

The Graduate Course Unions (GCUs) exist to create a university-wide community for all graduate students at Ryerson University. Each one of the individual graduate programs has a GCU representative(s) that acts to ensure that student voices are heard and represented at a course, program, and university level.

GCUs work to do the following:

  • Foster student interest and participation in activities by providing leadership, seminars and service
  • Plan and host events, seminars, conferences and social activities
  • Build a community within each department while encouraging interaction and collaboration amongst students and professors
  • Serve as a practical forum in which students may approach and discuss relevant political, cultural and academic interests
  • Promote your individual program to prospective students and employers
  • Voice fellow student concerns to the Graduate Council and RSU

Each GCU is provided with funding to assist with costs of events and activities. Email us directly at If you have any questions, concerns or ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.

Special Projects Funding

GCUs can apply for special Projects Funding for events, projects and seminars.
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Building community on campus is an important role the Students’ Union plays and towards that end, RSU provides support, resources and a staff person to assist the Graduate Course Unions.

Further information on GCUs may be found in the Campus Groups section of the website.

Contact: Graduate Representative Committee | | (416) 979-5255 ext 2325