Campus Lost and Found

Due to COVID-19, campus lost and found has been closed until further notice.

Ryerson Campus Lost & Found is operated by the Ryerson Students’ Union

  • Location: RSU Main Office, SCC311, 55 Gould St
  • Phone: 416-979-5255 x 2325
  • E-Mail:
  • Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm, Saturday and Sunday – Closed
  • NOTE: The Lost & Found is closed during all Statutory Holidays and University Closures

Inquiring About An Item That You Lost

Lost item inquiries can be done several different ways:

  • In person at the Lost & Found office during business hours
  • Via phone by calling 416-979-5255 x 2325
  • Via e-mail by e-mailing

Once an inquiry is received our staff will check to see if your item has been turned in.

At times we may have a number of similar items being turned in, so when inquiring about a lost item please be as specific as possible (ie. ‘white phone’ is not as descriptive as ‘white iPhone with my picture on the screen, Telus network’) — this will help us ensure that we can best match any items turned in with your description.

Turning In A Found Item

Found items can be turned into the Lost & Found office during operational hours, or put in the Lost and Found drop box in the SCC Lobby, near the elevator.

Once an item is turned in the Lost & Found office will attempt to process it as quickly as possible. This can include examining the item for any name or contact information that could link the item to a possible owner, tagging the item into our database.

If we are able to identify an owner we will make every attempt to contact him/her, with phone or e-mail being the primary methods. When an owner is contacted via e-mail we also provide the owner with the item ID, and ask that you have this number ready when picking up any items to expedite identifying which item is yours.

Items are tagged into our system as they are turned in, with a full description of the item, date the item was received and location the item was found in all being logged. This is done to ensure the greatest chance that the item is returned to its rightful owner.


  • Put your name and e-mail address somewhere accessible on anything important — this helps us to contact you if your item is ever lost and turned into Lost & Found
  • If we don’t have your item when you check, you can either check back with us in a week or check the campus Library or Recreation facilities — while most items on campus end up at our office, some locations only drop items off periodically

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Important Numbers

Lost & Found
416.979.5255 x 2325
Mon to Fri 10:00am to 6:00pm
Sat and Sun Closed

Ryerson Security

The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) regrets that it cannot be responsible for items of personal property left unattended on the grounds or within buildings. The RSU reserves the right to refuse items and to manage items based on the condition of the item or if the item poses any Health and Safety concerns. The RSU is not responsible for the condition of the item.